Denise McCormack

Growing a Better World through Storytelling


Denise McCormack is a multifaceted storyteller and creative professional whose talents span independent research, performance art, web/graphic design, and video production. With a focus on meaningful and engaging narratives, Denise masterfully crafts presentations for public consumption that meet the needs of her hosts and audiences.

Her extensive involvement in cultural, educational, and artistic endeavors underscores her commitment to fostering storytelling communities.  Among them, she  serves as president of Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild, coordinator of family storytelling events—The Family Storytelling Series— for the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild and its offspring the Folk Arts Consortium, and has been recent state liaison for the National Storytelling Network, co-chair of the NJ Storytelling Festival, and editor of "Story Art," a publication by the National Storytellers League. 

In a nutshell, Denise loves the power of stories.

There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.

Great people.  Great messages.  Great stories.

~ Denise McCormack

May our stories move us to action and lead to the rights and equal treatment of all people .


Complete performances, showcases, and spoken word orations for your special occasion or event based on the folkloric oral tradion of storytelling. 


The best story is yours.  Learn how to tell it with confidence and aplomb.


Storytelling for personal transformation, community  and corporate team building, communications, and performance.

Technical applications for virtual and digital products and productions.

Creative Productions

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