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Guest Artist

Relevant to All Ages, K through Adult


Stories and Storytelling are powerful. Invite me to talk and tell about specific topics such as social justice and autonomy and goal-setting. Presentations include Q & A.

Storytelling Program

A Customized Selection of Stories is the perfect addition to your teaching plan. No one is too young or too old to benefit from storytelling.



Stories and songs are carefully selected and crafted to support classroom objectives and to meet national core content curricular standards. Lesson plans with printables and extension activities are available to connect S.T.E.A.M.



Assembly programs include thematic and interactive stories that underscore themes.

Storytelling Instruction for Students

Students understand and practice sound oral communication and critical thinking skills, a must for everyone building a foundation for cultural and academic literacy.



A singular workshop targets up to three skills which are demonstrated, practiced, and assessed. Handouts and rubrics are provided as appropriate.



A fun and meaningful series of 10 workshops that focus on story and public speaking tenets and culminates in a celebratory activity.

Digital Storytelling Residency


Students explore the elements of story, and this history and elements of storytelling, to create story boards, original artwork, narration, and audio to culminate in a digital story. A celebratory event is included with the series of workshops that comprise this offering.

Family Literacy Event


Thematic and fun, a family literacy event engages everybody and builds literacy skills through storytelling. Community support is often utilized.

PTA/PTO Parents Night


A combination storytelling performance and workshop that focuses on the role of storytelling in character and language development, as well as identity and understanding of the world at large.

Storytelling Instruction for Teachers

Learn how to apply storytelling techniques and strategies to your lesson plans for improved student outcomes.



Whether the objective is to differentiate instruction, bolster language proficiency and development, or explore literary works from different perspectives, best practices credit storytelling as the premier tried and true method of reaching goals in all areas of curriculum and for all ages. Find out more.

Please contact me for fee schedule based on specific programs, groups, and objectives.



Let's work together to do something extraordinary.

Denise McCormack, M.Ed.


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