Denise McCormack has the remarkable ability to connect with and delight audiences of all ages, from young children through adults, with story. 

She is also a gifted presenter of workshops concerning aspects of storytelling for anyone seeking information about its merits; she is inventive and interesting while at the same time imparting practical, relevant information.                                           

Fred Quinn                                              

Past President of the National Storytellers League


Denise listened to our mission and our goals and made sure that they were met with aplomb. She was punctual, personable,  and prepared.  She conveyed the value of storytelling and captured the attention of our attendees with an exemplar story that hit home about a man whose quality of life changed dramatically upon his wife' death and yet again when he adopted a new perspective to live by.  Afterward, each of our members shared his or her own story of volunteering with us.  In short the exercise proved to be very cathartic and one of bonding as the stories highlighted the many meaningful  and personal benefits that our members found in joining our organization.  The event was well-received by all.

Lynette Whiteman

Executive Director

Central NJ Caregivers


Denise McCormack is a wonderful storyteller, with tales for every age. She has delighted children and adults with everything from classic children’s fairytales to spooky stories.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having her perform for our Storytelling Workshop over the course of six months, with each session inspiring imagination and creativity!  I especially enjoyed learning to make a “Bandana Man”, as she provided hands on ac&vi&es as well.

You have been a joy to watch and a great pleasure to hear.  I hope to see you back at the Woodbury Public Library in the future!

Audra Bon-glio

Children’s Program Coordinator

Woodbury Public Library, Woodbury NJ


Wow, That was great! 

​I came out here with my gradebook planning to grade papers....

​I never even opened the book!                                                                     

~ Teacher, Children's Day School for Students with Special Needs.     

​Earth Day Program.


Denise McCormack has been offering storytelling at the Lillian Marrero Library on Saturdays for several weeks.  We never know who will be here on Saturdays at the library, but whoever shows up is treated to a variety of stories and conversations, accompanied by the ukulele.

Our acoustics are pretty good here, so the music attracts everyone.  We have appreciated Denise’s flexibility with telling stories to anyone who comes, as well as being willing to play music when there are no children around.  Adults need music too!

Rebekah Ray

Library Manager, Adult/Teen Librarian

Lillian Marrero Library

North Philadelphia Neighborhood Libraries/Free Library of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA 19133



Better than watching TV.

Girl Scout, Eastern, PA


Denise McCormack presented a"Family Holiday Night" storytelling event at the Bordentown Library Branch of the Burlington County Library system. 

 It was an unexpected surprise when she arrived in full costume as Mrs. Claus, which I later learned she designed and sewed herself! Ms. McCormack's performance included such stories as "The Night Before Christmas," "The Polar Express," and interactive activities, sang and played the guitar....  The presentation was well planned and executed. She was asked to return to the library for future programs.  

​Beverly Jacob

​Children's Librarian                  

Supervisor of Youth Services programs


I was recently in the audience to hear Denise McCormack “tell” … playing guitar, telling, and singing - Denise was dynamic, magnetic and fun! She immediately commanded the full attention of the room and drew everyone in. Denise is obviously a talented singer which brought a greater degree of diversity to the performance.  

I aspire to be a storyteller - witnessing Denise’s level of skill and experiencing this degree of pleasure has encouraged me greatly.  

Jean Hall, Ocean, NJ


It is always a pleasure to hear Denise McCormack "tell" a tale. Her mode of expression varies with the narrative and carries her listeners into the heart of the story. 

She is equally adept at telling a traditional folk tale, a modern tale, singing a song, or reciting poetry. Her rendition of Lewis Carroll's "The Jabberwocky" (Through the Looking-Glass) is flawless and joyfully expressed. 

Denise also includes instrumental music in some of her stories - a perfect meshing of the two Arts. 

She also conducts very well-organized storytelling workshops that are informative, interactive, and always enjoyable.  

​I am sure time spent with this multi-talented storyteller will be time well spent. 

​​Gwendolyn Jones  Founder, Garden State Storytellers League 

(Affiliate league of the National Storytellers League)    

Professor Emerita, The College of New Jersey