Magic Words 101 Project

About Magic Words 101

The Crux of the Matter

Storytelling and oral/aural communications reinforce language development and pre-literate skills.

In fact, did you know that language priming and  development begins in the womb?  

In today's world, differing cultural backgrounds and technology have taken a toll on the projected outcomes of English language development and academic success by curtailing  the necessary exposure to phonemes and gesticular cues that are integral to acquiring communication skills.

Diminished or insufficient exposure to English/academic language elements can affect how current generations are primed for English language acquisition, and lessening degrees of personal communication---brought about by the expansive use of social media which relies on visual text and image inputs---can even affect social skills and emotional well-being.

Our Mission

The Project mission is to host workshops that underscore the importance of aural or sound exposure and face-to-face communication and to offer strategies for moms-to-be on ways to bolster personal connections and English language exposure for improved academic and social outcomes for their young families.

Each interesting and fun workshop will include a "pampering" luncheon and give-aways that meet the needs of moms-to-be and language enrichment, such as a starter library of books, videos, and music cds that promote language skills.

Why Partnerships and Grant-funding Matter

The efficacy and execution of the Magic Words 101 Project relies on collaborative efforts with grant-funders, hospitals, and other venues and organizations that reach women and young families, and others.  The main objective is to provide parent education classes wherein the importance of prenatal and early childhood exposure to English language is stressed for improved academic outcomes.  Each workshop is meant to be an enjoyable and interactive experience for expectant mothers, especially those whose home language may not be English, and to offer rationale and strategies for deliberate English language exposure to children even before their birth.  While partnerships and grant-funding are integral to this project, the quality and structure of the workshops are critical to their success.

The Call for Sponsors

Monetary donations through fiscal sponsorship are a primary goal.  However, anyone can contribute to this mission.

Products donated for give-aways are also accepted as appropriate for this mission.

Each corporate sponsor is acknowledged  on all promotional materials.  Regular updates will be provided.

A  GoFundMe account is also being established to support this worthwhile endeavor.  TBA

Share the Big News

If you or someone you know would like to contribute time and skills to this worthwhile endeavor, that's awesome!  Help is always welcome!

If you belong to an organization that assists new moms and would like to offer this worthwhile project workshop at your location, that's awesome, too!  Contact me, and let's work together to make it happen.

You can help.

Contributions are being accepted.  Any amount helps.  Be a part of the solution.  Make a difference.

Contact me for more information.