Ghostly Tales


An Eclectic Mix of Tales for Discerning Listeners

Among the stories offered to give a little chill to listeners are:

Japanese favorites from the collections of Lafcadio Hearn:

The Story of Mimi Nashi Hoichi

More than a thousand years ago now, a great battle took place between the Genji and the Heiki clans of Japan. The Heiki perished and the spirits of them haunt that place near Akamagaseki in strange ways. Efforts made to soothe the restless ones included a temple and services; however, this did not prevent harrowing encounters as is aptly chronicled in this tale of a young and blind biwa-player/storyteller.

The Cold, Cold Lady

A vampiric love story, this is a tale of betrayal... and of a mother's love.

The a Mirror and a Bell

Long ago, about 1100 years, the priests of Mugenyama called upon their charges to create a bell for the temple. They collected bronze mirrors to form the stuff of the bell. In their efforts, the priests obtain the mirror of a young woman who cannot bear to part with it, and her angst and ire at the loss causes interesting results.


Mujina are here now. They traveled from Japan to Hawaii to the States. The last recorded encounter in this collection took place more than a hundred years ago. The Mujina are called the faceless ones. One dark night, in a lonely place where no one dare travel, a merchant saw....

Tales of the Macabre:

The Black Cat, based on the bible and Edgar Alan Poe's tale of the same name

Tales of the Macabre: The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's tale.

Other Stories:

The Bloody Vampire

Part recollection of the teller and part punny prank, this short story recounts the troubles suffered by vampires long ago in Europe as people grappled with plagues and war; thus, creating a sort of food shortage.

A Creative Rendition of "Give Me Back My Bone"

Alluding to the history of the New Jersey State Hospital's psychiatric practices and cures at the turn of the last century, this tale offers a little something for everyone when truth is stranger than fiction.

The Dentist and His Wives

This historical account details the antics of a renowned dentist in Old London Town, his brash marketing practices, friends and cohorts, adherence to the letter of the law to ensure his own gains, and an odd arrangement with his wives.

and more...

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