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About The Frog Prince & Other Favorite Stories

The Frog Prince & Other Favorite Stories joins the Philadelphia Fringe Festival from September 12 through October 3, for on-demand viewing. This show features traditional tales adapted and retold by master storyteller Denise McCormack. This family-friendly program is intended for audiences of all ages.

Tickets: pay-what-you-wish

Running Time: ~30 minutes

According to McCormack, "This show brings together some of my very favorite stories that are remarkably stretchy to fit all viewers. Each tale has a multitude of layers meant to cater to whimsy-seekers, imagination-dwellers, and analogy-diggers. I hope that they are enjoyed and discussed long after the program ends."

Denise McCormack is president of the Patchwork Storytelling Guild, Producer of the Lehigh Valley Family Storytelling Series, NJ state liaison of the National Storytelling Network, former editor of Story Art magazine, a publication of the National Storytellers League, as well as a member of various other local and national organizations for the arts and where storytelling plays an integral role.

McCormack tells professionally throughout the tri-state area, touting the efficacy of storytelling for entertainment, education, social justice, and community, as well as for its substantial benefits to health and well-being. She holds an M.Ed. in the areas of language, learning, and literacy and delights in working with all ages.

Denise McCormack’s mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.

To find out more, go to http://www.denisemccormack.live.

About the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival is a month-long, city-wide celebration of innovation and creativity in contemporary performance. Each September, the Festival explodes into every nook and cranny in neighborhoods across Philadelphia with more than 1,000 artistically daring experiences, including national and international performances, workshops, and events that are produced by Independent Artists and promoted by FringeArts.

The party continues late night, every night, with music, food and drink at the FringeArts center on the Delaware River waterfront, and the Late Nights Snacks. This vast assemblage of curated and self-produced innovators offers an unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest experimenters at one time, in one city.

FringeArts is Philadelphia’s home for contemporary performance, presenting progressive, world-class art that expands the imagination and boldly defies expectation. Our programming exposes audiences to genre-defying dance, theater, and music performances by accomplished and emerging innovators who push the boundaries of art-making and redefine the artistic landscape worldwide.

Due to current circumstances, FringeArts is doing everything we can to plan for a safe, in-person and digital festival.

About The Rotunda

The Rotunda, located at 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA, is a community-gathering place that is fueled by the belief that art is a catalyst for social change and that the arts can lead to the formation of meaningful partnerships between the University of Pennsylvania and surrounding neighborhoods. Over 300 events are offered every year, including live music, film, spoken word, theater, art, dance, education, youth programs, arts incubation, and various experimental genres. As an alcohol-free, smoke-free venue, The Rotunda provides a critical social alternative for all ages. At its core, The Rotunda is a shared space fostering learning, enrichment, and community support while empowering the public to present, produce, and promote their work.

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